Carbide Cutter 1 Pc.

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  • Can Process a variety of metal and non-metal, processing hardness would up to HRC70.
  • Can replace the petiole small wheel, and no dust pollution.
  • High product processing quality, high finish, can process out a various of high-precision mold cavity.
  • Long life, the durability is 10 times higher than high-speed steel cutting tool, 200 times higher than small grinding wheel.
  • Easy to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment.
  • Suitable for processing these metal and non-metal, such as cast iron, cast steel, bearing steel, high carbon steel, chrome-nickel alloy, bronze, brass, and ceramic tile, marble, jade, bone, etc.


  • Material: Tungsten carbide
  • Shank diameter: 6.35mm(1/4")
  • Hardness: can up to HRC70
  •         Model    Length     Blade diameter    Blade length     Net Weight
    • 001    E1220   66mm        12mm             19mm           Approx. 45g
    • 002    H1232  77mm         12mm             32mm          Approx. 54g
    • 003    L1228   73mm         12mm             28mm          Approx. 39g 
    • 004    K1208   53mm         12mm             8mm           Approx. 27g
    • 005    D1210   55mm         12mm            10mm          Approx. 27g
    • 006    G1225   70mm         12mm            25mm          Approx. 38g 
    • 007    A1225   70mm         12mm            25mm          Approx. 48g 
    • 008    C1225   70mm         12mm            25mm          Approx. 49g 
    • 009    F1225   70mm         12mm            25mm           Approx. 41g 
    • 010    N1213   58mm         12mm            13mm           Approx. 30g 
    • 011    M1225   70mm         12mm            25mm           Approx. 33g




  • Finishing all kinds of metal molds.
  • Cleaning trimming,veining and weld joint of casting, forging and weldment.
  • Carving all kinds of metal and non- metal.
  • A variety of mechanical parts chamfer, round and groove processing.
  • Inner hole surface of machinery parts finishing.
  • Mainly used in the pneumatic or electric-driven tools, the speed is generally in 6000-50000 rev/min, clip positively while using, milling cutting mode is better, avoids reciprocating cutting



  • 1Piece 1/4" Tungsten Carbide Burr 6.35mm Double Grain Rotary Cutter File

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